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Thank you for your curiousity about me. My name is Amjad Desai and i live in Dubai, UAE at the moment. I am a Video Post Production / Motion Graphics Artist and an Adobe Certified Instructor / Adobe Video Expert.

I have been working in post production Industry for the last 13 years and was involved during this time on various projects such as features, commercials, channel identities, Animation Production, Corporate Videos, Rich Interactive Media and online Rich Media. Over the years, I have worked as an Animator and 3d Modeling & Texturing artist on Animation Productions (UTV), Ad Films, Documentaries &  Vfx Film Production.I have also worked in other roles such as  Character Technical Director (UTV), setting up the animation production pipeline (Cartoon Network Arabia), Production Management , Technology Consultant ( Abu Dhabi Media ) and many other interesting projects such as the 3d Animatics of the opening ceremony of Asian Games in Qatar ( 2006).

Another aspect of my professional journey has been education and my passion for it never ceases.My training experience stretches as far as my production career does and all these year i have effectively kept a balance between the two. i believe that sharing my knowledge & experience with students always helps in my own development. Teaching aspirants the Core Concepts and Fundamentals of  Animation & Motion Graphics and to see them develop into professional peers is definitely one of the most satisfying & defining part of my work.

If you want to contact me for a Project or Training you will find my details on

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