A decent Blog Editor for Mac

For the umpteenth time i am trying to get more regular in posting my thoughts. Strategies have been drawn, maps have been charted and an effort has been made to analyze the reasons or shall i say excuses for the procrastination. One thing that did stand out was the fact that i hated the slow feedback of the online wordpress editor.In my opinion , if there was a competition for the most annoying things  i am sure the spinning wheel would win the competition hands down.

So anyways i decided to look for a decent offline editor so that i could quickly put my thoughts and keep chewing on it till its ready. What followed was a information frenzy (  thanks to good ol google ) and a infostorm of best 10’s, 20’s & ultimate blog editors that have been life changing for this world..i am sure if i would have looked deeper i would have found lists that would claim how a certain editor was saving the world and helping environmental causes. This post when published would also fall in one of these categories( i hope not )  .

Anyways after skimming through the first few pages of the search result  i decided to just download a few trials and test the waters myself.

I shortlisted three possible editor

Ecto – not a great user experience as i found the interface to be non-intuitive.

Bloggo – I found their website and just reaching the place from where i could download the trial was so tedious that somehow it left a bad impression on my inquisitive mind and i didn’t even bother to delve further on that road.( Mental Note : UX design rules).

Mars Edit – The last application i tested was Mars Edit. Now if you ask me what was my reason to do so i don’t know but if i think about it …Mars Edit was one of the most visible names on the first page of Google, when i went on their site the threw some nice words at me like Macworld choice .. and the process to get the app from there on was so simple that it moved beyond just being a temptation ..one click and it was on its way into my system.

Technically i can’t call this a review but just to put my point across ..i googled, visited their website , downloaded the software, logged into my blog, created this post and posted it in approximately 20 mins ..including the time it took to put these thoughts in words.

To me that is impressive and i might stick to this whole offline workflow ..btw didn’t i start this blog talking about how i want to make this a regular column..lets say one step at a time in the right direction and we might get there someday..

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