Audio Odeo whats there in a name

just landed up on Odeo and it turns out that its one of the easiest way to make an audio podcast. i luved the setup. In a matter of  few seconds i was able to listen to other people’s audio cast and music files.however it took me a bit to find the way to upload my .mp3. there is a link to the Odeo studio at the bottom you need to be in the studio section to manage your files but once you are in your Personal Podcast is just a few clicks awaya.

you might be wondering how come there is not catch in it.I did.So here it is my friend.Odeo takes an eternity to upload a file on their server but the workaround is if u can upload your files anywhere else and link it to your odeo account then you can easily use odeo to create the podcast for you.And all Odeo asks is 5-7 secs of fame time just before it starts playin your Odeo..

For pod-infants this is a blessing in a matter of 10-15 minutes u can have your own podcast ready to share with the world.

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