Brand new year , is it ?

Have you ever wondered what is it about a new year that gets everyone so excited. I think its our hope for positive change and upliftment in our lives. For most of us the beginning of a new year is considered a fresh shot at our goals and ambitions. Its a time when we are allowed to aspire for a better tommorrow , look at the possibilities, make new plans.  We are told to get over the previous regrets cause the scores are reset and a new game has begun.  

Don’t we all want things to be Better, Easier.. Perfect !!

So should you go ahead and make your new year resolutions ? Wait..thats the exact thing i dont want you to do this year.

The champions dont forget their mistakes or failures, they learn from it. This is not the time to clean the slate and make new plans. Its time for you to learn from the year that has passed. Its so much easier to make plans then to follow through making sure it gets done. No Matter What !!

Take a stern look at the year goneby before you make new resolutions. Look for the things that you promised to accomplish this year but missed, and if they are still important to you then do something about it. Remember, its not about thinking of ideas but all about making them happen.

So this year, i implore you to stop making new resolutions and start to #makethechange.

Wish you and your family a prosperous New Year. 

May 2018 fill your life with love, peace, happiness and fun.

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