How to Use Google WebFonts on your wordpress blog

I recently installed the Typecase plugin to get access to google webfonts on my blog. If you are comfortable with HTML & CSS the free version is good enough else you can opt for the paid version. Once the plugin was installed all i had to do was add the fonts i want as a CSS class from the typecase plugin options in the admin area and thats it !! You are now good to start using it in your blog.

How to use it

Once you installed a font ( Note : I installed a webfont called alpha and typecase generated a CSS class that i named as [code]]czo5OlwiLmZudF9hbGZhXCI7e1smKiZdfQ==[[/code]).The next step was to start using it in my posts such as the one you are reading right now. So how did i do that ? Simple. i just used call for the class file from the tag that uses the custom fonts.
For e.g.if you refer to the following html div code :


the content between the tag uses the class .fnt_alfa that defines the custom font and you can notice the result below.

This text uses the custom Font

I have also embedded a nice infovid below from the plugin creator’s that should give you an idea about how typecase works.

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