How i hope to live this year

I am thankful for the year that has gone by and pray for a better year ahead. A lot of life events this year were judged at face value but I hope that in the coming year I have the patience and awareness to see the benefits and goodness with a long-term perspective.

So, I pray & aspire

  • that the thought of my family is there in every action, prayer, wish or deed
  • to bring changes where I can and accept what can’t be changed.
  • for the sensibility to accept failures where it’s apt to do so, have the wisdom to learn from them and the strength to rise above them. 
  • to learn every single day something new and have the awareness to put it to some good use.
  • that I have the ability to balance the priorities in my life.
  • to learn every single day something new and have the awareness to put it to some good use.
  • that my feelings for my family or the adventures I’d like to embark upon with them don’t remain thoughts but transitions from thoughts to actions to memories that we will cherish years ahead
  • not to get overwhelmed by things that I don’t control or get bogged down by the thoughts that aren’t real
  • to embrace the lessons of the past year and pray they stand in good stead for the year ahead.
  • that my fear doesn’t slow my pace and pray for the courage to fight negativity within and have the strength of will to replace it with positive thoughts.
  • to share my experiences, lessons and knowledge to help others grow. I pray that I can contribute and be a part of something bigger than myself.

I know that small changes in myself can have a meaningful impact on the life I live. So my resolution this year is

  • Be more mindful
  • Show more gratitude towards others
  • Be humble in my victories and gracious in my failures
  • Be more firm on my beliefs and values
  • Accept mistakes graciously
  • Be forgiving, humble & honest with myself and others
  • Be thankful
  • Acknowledge my limitations and find the courage & willpower to stretch beyond

A journey is not all about starting, finishing or the destination. It doesn’t start when you plan it nor is it a race that you have to win by getting to your destination before anyone else. I hope not to obsess about destination so much that I  go blind to the beauties that exist in the way. I pray that I can cherish the next chapter of my life’s journey and wish the same to everyone out there.

Wishing a hope-filled year for all of us

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