LipSync in Toonboom

Click Here  for a real nice Tutorial showing the way you can setup a lipsync in Toonboom Studio (can work also in Animate Pro) . I found this tut on a university site and think it explains the concept very well.

You would probably need the image below

The ToonBoom mouthshapes correspond to the following phonemes or dialogue sounds:

A – M, B, P

B – TH, J, R, CH, G, Z, X, K, N, D, T

C – EE, A

D – Ah, Ay

E – U, Oh

F – OO

G – V, F, S

X is silence (similar to A)

Better yet, the ToonBoom mouth-shapes can be described as:

A – closed mouth for M sound

B – mouth slightly open

C – mouth open a little more

D – mouth open the most it gets

E – mouth open tall but not wide, big O shape, say “uuun”

F – mouth open round, small O shape, say “moon”

G – mouth using teeth and closed lips for ffff sound

X is silence (similar to A)

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