Do you Know Mozilla?

Frankly, even though i am strong supporter of Mozilla Firefox the reason for this post is entirely different. What really impressed me about this video is the beautiful motion tyography. The color palette is quite earthy pastels which goes well with the social message. The artist kept the graphics simple & the message crisp. i loved the planet exploding into …

Edge Shading in Cinema 4d

This was a quick screen capture i did long time back to explain how to create Edge shading in Cinema4d using Ambient Occlusion and Baking textures option. I apologise for no audio & Lo-res video. In my defence, however, this was a quick video explaining the core idea of using baked map to simulate the edge shading. It was never …

UGDC : Maya to UDK

I found this series of useful tutorial videos on youtube explaining the process of developing game assets and taking it into the UDK environment.It covers the creation of static meshes in Maya and generation of Normal, Height and Texture Maps in ZBrush.

Animation in Education

We are always looking for new and better ways to educate the young. Research Suggests when children are having fun, they tend to learn better. It’s even scientifically proven that retention of information is higher when it is communicated using both visual and verbal communication.I feel animation as a training medium offers exciting possibilities for meeting the needs of 21st …

Jason Schleifer at TED Youth

Inspirational talk by JASON SCHLEIFER : Head of Character Animation on PDIIDreamworks’ new film Peabody and Sherman

What a wonderful world

[youtube:] A beautiful rendition of the classic song by Sir Richard Attenborough

Rethink Scholarship 2011

[youtube:] I just cant have enough of this video. BRILLIANT INSPIRING MOTIVATIONAL