To be or not to be

Dubai: the city i stay in .Its a nice spot on the world map eventhough i believe the locals dont like it and are not leaving any efforts to change it every single day. Dubai can get a bit wierd and tricky.But i am begining to like the relationship with this city.Its got its own set of emotions and m working hard towards settling down in this country.Its got a nice mixture of cultures and most importantly i believe if you are sensible enough u can have a nice balance between work and leisure which i always found difficult to achieve in mumbai.

Work wise things have been movin along in a steady pace. got a few small projects outta my way.Might be joinin a new company next week.

As far as Personal stuff been playin with a few things like podcasting, blogging and the thought of developing my own website.i have been pondering over the thought of  buying webspace and try to do some hosting and develop my own website.its a very tempting thought but man unless i hit a jackpot or win a lottery i dont see any money coming my way.its a tricky state of affairs. But my mouth is watering with the thought of having my own website,webspace,weblog,webforum,etc etc i cant wait . its amazing i never thought just puttin my thought is goin to convinve me to go most probably i am buyin the space this week.

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