Word of advice

This week I am participating in the Cartoon Network Masterclass as a ToonBoom Application Support and absolutley love the experience.David and Rich who have come in from CN team USA have been really nice and supportive.

They took the batch through the whole process of production which was enlightening even for myself.Some stuff like the number of people working and the deadlines under which they work was really good to know.Event the thoughts that go in the making of these shows and the attention to minute details is inspiring . They briefly explained the entire production process behind a animation show of using examples from the productions they have been involved in over the years such as Harvey Birdman & Ugly Americans.

This session was followed by the students given a task to do a test run of the whole process and honestly they have shown some amazing skills in whatever little i have seen till now.Rich has been excellent with his feedback to the work being produced by the students and his advice to them is worth its price in gold..The students have kinda finalised the character design and will now move on to the development of the Model sheet in Animate Pro. Its going to be fun from hereon..fingers crossed

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